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Academic Year 2017 Nationwide Document Delivery Service(NDDS) Photocopy and Interlibrary Loan Discount [THU Only]

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1.THU library provides this service with a budget of NT$54000 only.
2.The purpose of this service is to obtain materials not available at THU library by borrowing from other libraries. The materials to be obtained should be in the NDDS System. The application will be denied if the materials are available at THU library.
3.Charges for overdue or lost materials will not be covered.
4.Receipts will be provided when fees are paid for the materials obtained.
5.Service counter: General Library 1F Reference Desk
6.Free limits: (if two conditions are matched at the same time, the one with a higher quota will be prioritized)

Patron Identity


Full-time teacher

No limits

Adjunct teacher
Retired teacher
Visiting scholar


Graduate/ PhD student





Only for official business

  • Source:東海大學圖書館
  • Date:2017-07-26
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