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Circulation Policies

1. Library Card

A current, validated Tunghai University student or faculty identification card is needed to check out all library materials. For additional information, please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

2. Others Eligible for Library Cards

Part-time students, research assistants, continuing education students, part-time faculty, or retired faculty members may apply for a library card. Approved students and faculty from the "Central Area Universities Library Association" are also eligible to apply for library cards.

3. Restricted Use

Reference books, rare books, periodicals, newspapers, and electronic data bases are restricted to use in the library and MAY NOT be checked out.

4. Loan Items and Loan Period

Borrower Status

Maximum Items

Loan Period

Maximum Renewals

Full-time Faculty & Staff


6 weeks


Part-time Faculty & Non-organizational Personnel


6 weeks




6 weeks


Graduate Students


6 weeks


Undergraduate Students


3 weeks


Continuing Education Institute Students, etc.


3 weeks


Accepted Students
(Before Registration)




5. Renewal Policy

Patrons should renew their books within 5 days of the due date. However, the books may not be renewed, if a "hold request" has been requested by another patron.

6. Library Fines

NT$5 is charged for each day a book is overdue. If the fines are not paid, then patrons will not be able to borrow other books.

7. Making a "Hold Request" 

If books have already been checked-out by others, then patrons can make a "hold request" on-line. If patrons do not pick-up their "hold request" books, when they become available, three times or three volumes, then you may lose your request privilege for ninety days.

8. Replacement Policy

If a library patron loses, defaces, or damages any part of the library collection, then he/she is responsible for the item's replacement. Details are set out in the Replacement Policies. If someone is caught stealing any part of the library collection, then that person will be reported to the university authorities to face appropriate punishment, penalty and/or fine.

9. Annual Book Inventory Auditing

During the annual book auditing, patrons may be asked to return their books earlier than the due dates. Patrons should not loan their cards to others. Otherwise, they may lose their library privileges and may be asked to return all borrowed books.

10. Reporting Lost Cards

If you lose your card, then please notify the Library's "Circulation Desk" immediately. If you do not, then you will be held responsible for any books checked-out under your lost or stolen card.

11. Leaving the University

If you graduate, drop out, transfer to another university, retire or quit, then you must return all books to the library.

12. Amendments

These Library Policies and Regulations were approved by the Library Advisory Committee and the University Senate, any changes must receive their approval.

📝 Loan Request Form for Part-Time Faculties and Retirees

📝 Loan Request Form for RA, PS, etc.

📝 Loan Request Form for Graduate Students Before Registration

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  • Date: 2015-06-04
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