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Multimedia Data Room Circulation Policies 

1. The Multimedia Data Room (hereafter referred as MDR) is available for the University staffs, students and retired person by the regulations.

2. All eligible users are required to present a university ID or valid library card to use MDR facilities in person.

3. ligible users can borrow up to 5 MDR items for 7 days with renewal one time only if no other user booked the items.

4. Overdue will be fined 10 NTD a day per item and hold the rights to borrow more till the item has been returned.

5. Private version of media is used only at home after borrowing and is prohibited to be demonstrated in the library or public area. Public and VOD versions can be used in the library only, or borrowed for teaching or researching purposes only.

6. The equipment in the MDR is only for the media from the MDR. Personal media resources cannot be used in the room till the permission from library staffs. Personal media which violate the law is not allowed to be played in the MDR.

7. Users take the responsibilities for the violation of copyright law in any use of MDR materials.

8. Charge will be paid for any damage or loss of items and media according to the Replacement Policies of Tung-Hai University Library.

9. This regulation is approved by the committee of the library and the university.

  • Source: 東海大學圖書館
  • Date: 2015-06-04
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