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The Borrowing Policy of Library Special Collections

1. These Regulations of Special Collections are for the convenient use of Tunghai University's teachers and students.

2. The Special Collections are important sources for teaching and research for teachers and students.

3. The Special Collections at Tunghai University Library houses Chinese and Western rare books, Memorial Collection, University Historical Literature, Mainland China Publications and Tunghai University Theses.

4. The Special Collections can be borrowed except for rare books, University Historical Literature, Tunghai University Theses and Mainland China Periodicals.

5. The borrowing policies:

  (1) Tunghai University faculty, staff and students can use university ID card or library borrower's card to borrow the Special Collection materials

  (2) The borrowing Privileges are the same as The Borrowing Policy of Tunghai University Library.

  (3) Service Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00-21:00.

Note: Please check out Library Hours for holiday, weekend, and special event.

6. These Regulations were approved by the University Senate. Any changes must receive their approval.

📝Request Form for Special Collections

  • Source: 東海大學圖書館
  • Date: 2015-06-04
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