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Floor Plan

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General Library Floor Plan

Overview The Library is located at the top of our picturesque campus mall, surrounded by trees and green grass. It is the ideal learning environment. The library has over 1,000,000 volumes in an area of over 13,642 square meters. There are about 2000 seats and 30 private study rooms. The Liang-Chien Hall, an international conference hall, is well-equipped to host academic conferences and other multimedia events. The Library also has abundant electronic resources including internet access, microform availability and other vital data banks.
Basement ‧General Study Room 
‧Art Exhibition Gallery 
‧Liang-Chien Hall 
Information Literacy Classroom
‧Learning Commons
‧Group Discussion Rooms
‧General Library Rare Book Stacks
First Floor

‧Administration Office 
‧Acquisition and Cataloging Division  
‧Circulation Division 
‧Circulation Desk 
‧Chinese Reference Section
‧Self-circulation Area
‧Quick Access Terminals 
‧Learning Commons 
‧Group Discussion Rooms
‧Theme Exhibition Area
.Course Reserves
‧New Arrivals
‧Best Sellers
‧E-resources Retrieval Area 
‧Reference Desk 
‧Reference Services Division 
‧Interlibrary Loan Services
‧Circulation Desk 
‧Book Return 
‧Main Door 
‧Back Door 
‧Duplication Services
‧Handicap Restroom 

Second Floor

‧Current Periodicals Section 
‧Bound Chinese Periodicals 
‧Bound Japanese & Korean Periodicals 
‧Duplication Services 
‧Current Newspapers
‧Serials Division
‧Private Study Rooms 
‧Silent study
‧Video Recording 
‧Group Discussion Room
‧Reading Area 
‧Vip Room

Third Floor ‧Western Stacks 
‧Reading Area 
‧Private Study Rooms 
‧Multimedia Data Room
‧Video on Demand
‧Information Access Terminals
Fourth Floor

Library Director's Office
Digital Information Division
Stacks Workspace
Special Collections Room
Rare Books Room
‧Chinese Stacks
‧Mainland China Publications
‧Series Area
‧THU Theses and Dissertations
THU Historical Documents

‧Si Ku Quan Shu Area 
‧Donated Books Area 
‧Class Yearbooks
‧Private Study Rooms
‧Reading Area
‧Information Access Terminals

  • Source: 東海大學圖書館
  • Date: 2013-08-20
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